Welcome to the UBCO Interdisciplinary Graduate Students (IGS) Conference web site.

Here you will be able to find information about the conference, UBCO, and Kelowna. Check back regularly for updates.

This is a conference organized by interdisciplinary graduate students for graduate students across disciplines and is is our fifth annual conference. If you are curious about previous conferences please feel free to follow the link below to access information on previous UBCO IGS conferences.


2014 Organizing committee:

Co-Chair: Mina Rajabi Paak, IGS MSc student,  working on “Localities of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the dynamic ties between the AIDS documentaries of the global South and the culture of philanthropy”

Co-Chair and Fund-raising Coordinator: Shandell Houlden, IGS MA student in the fields of Cultural Theory and Critical Animal Studies.

Former Co-chair: Špela Grašič, MA English student at UBC Okanagan. My work examines the novel’s role in providing a productive space for encouraging empathy and working through intergenerational and community trauma. Currently, my work focuses on Slovene writer Goran Vojnović’s 2008 novel Čefurji Raus!

Program coordinator: Matt M. Husain, IGS PhD candidate, focus in Anthropology of Development.

Treasurer and Panel Coordinator: Joanne Taylor, IGS PhD student, in Medical and Environmental Anthropology at the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences.

Secretary and Venue Coordinator: Max Dickeson, English MA student, focused on the depiction of gender and race in feminist science fiction.

Media coordinator: Fabián Cid Yañez, IGS PhD Student in Complex Human-Environmental Systems Modelling. Working on forest planning and boreal caribou conservation modelling.

Social Media Support: Camilo Peña, IGS PhD Student in Marketing and Sustainability at the Faculty of Management.

Social events coordinator:  Katey Kyle, IGS PhD candidate working in historical geography and landscape archaeology in the Okanagan and Nicola Valleys.

Curator for Creative Submissions: Jeannette Angel, PhD candidate in IGS, working in the FCCS. Her research focus is art for social change as a method of engaging the local Okanagan community in dialogue and action around environmental issues.

Advising Faculty: Greg Garrard


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